26 August 2014

Cloaque.mov 2014

Once again, one of the greatest online collaborative projects that link together hundreds of digital works by an endless tumblr based column continues with its annual audiovisual piece where few selected artists work following the same structure of the original project Cloaque.org but using the video as format. Cloaque.mov 2014 is the second issue of this dot mov series and it's the continuation of the previous one (see here) it starts as the previous one ended last year. 

"Every artist creates a 40 second video piece intended to be joined together, creating a whole story. This journey through very different environments is acclimated by an original soundtrack composed by a musician. This group show is presented as one singular piece, exploring the possibilities of Internet as a collaborative tool."

Cloaque.mov 2014 participating artists: 00.17 - 01.04 Jeremy Couillard > 01.04 - 01.41 Brenna Murphy > 01.41 - 02.20 Nicolas Sassoon & Sara Ludy > 02.20 - 02.41 Jaakko Pallasvuo > 02.41 - 03.19 Carlos Sáez  · 03.19 - 04.01 Golgotha > 04.01 - 04.44 Cloaque.mov's closing produced with DMNTIA. Music by Olivier Dias.

Curated by Carlos Sáez and Claudia Maté.
Read more about the beginning of Cloaque here.