27 May 2014


Sabrina Ratté is the newest member of the well known computer collective, Computers Club. She made this beautiful piece titled Visites Possibles for her introduction in the collective where she has already uploaded some new work as Vivariums, a triptic GIF composition. You can follow Sabrina's work over Computers Club (here) and at Drawing Society (here) where she has a great archive of magic, celestial and architectonic based drawings. 

"Visites Possibles explores the possibilities of creating 3D environments based on video images generated only by electronic signals. Inspired by architectural renderings and the idea of virtual tour, the video invites the viewer to visit its structure through specific parameters. The walls of the space embed doors which open and close randomly, thus revealing only glimpses of different electronic landscapes. While these landscapes are being revealed, they are also pushed away by the simulated camera movement, leaving only a limited time for contemplation. Consequently, the lateral scrolling of the image controls the visit, both spatially and time-wise. It also creates a sense of spatial continuity, which contrasts with the constant morphing of the space, changing into different configurations, without following any physical logic. Throughout the visit, "entities" arise and disappear regularly as if haunting this virtual environment. Visites Possibles also acts as a transitory space where multiple doors open on potential virtual experiences." - Sabrina Ratté.

Visites Possibles, 2014 - 7 min — http://sabrinaratte.computersclub.org/
Electronic score by Roger Telier-Craig