25 February 2014

DATA DRAWINGS by Peter Jellitsch

I asked to Peter Jellitsch about the process of his Data Drawings series, whose data I thought was tracked somehow technically but Peter tells us it has been a manual work to get all the information to generate such a tridimensional volumes. 

"Like most of my work the, the primary idea for Data Drawings was to experiment with methods, which unveil visually hidden conditions. Through devices one has the possibility to literally peel-off and distinguish certain capacities as well as leave others in the dark. Data Drawings was produced during a 6 month residency at the Citè des Arts in Paris. I began to collect the bandwidth qualities of the WLAN in my studio with a simple iPhone App and wrote it down. Similar to a diary, but just with numeric information such as: Download: 972.0, Upload: 91.9, Ping 34 kB/s. 

I did this whenever I was physically in my studio. Sometimes I measured every minute, sometimes every hour. After a while, I came up with translating this informations onto a 3d grid in Rhino. Simultaneously I have experimented with drawing techniques of how to achieve something like all-over drawings which reflects back to the ideas of covering and multiplying. For each drawing I used the diagram I calculated on this specific day when I started to draw it. For me this technique allows to think about spaces in very blurred coherences, without depicting the place. On one hand you have this physical work (pencil and acrylic on paper), which is very abstract, on the other hand this abstract drawing has "real" numeric information behind every single line." - Peter Jellitsch. See more;

Until next April 14 you can see these Data Drawings in a duo solo exhibition featuring work by Peter Jellitsch & Theodore Darst at Public Works Gallery in Chicago.

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