24 January 2014

post code by ::vtol::

post code is an interactive installation that translate barcodes as a symbol of consumerism and the digital, virtual communications age into a device that encourages personal communication as its creator ::vtol:: describes, and continues; by scanning a barcode, the mechanism prints a glitched postal card with the image generated from the digits encoded in and play sounds also generated from code. See more;

Not sure about the entire structure of the project, but my impression watching the video is that by scanning the barcode the user trigger the mechanism (camera, scanner, photo printer and sound) and the camera captures an image which is distorted because of circuit bent and it's printed, and not an specific barcode generates a determined glitched composition, he passes several times the same product (barcode) generating different glitches and sounds, anyway I just was wondering about the functionality, it's a beautiful project.

Software: max/msp jitter- pure data
Hardware: old photo printer- barcode scanner- circuit bent web camera - mono sound system