15 January 2014

Debora Bernagozzi

Debora Bernagozzi is an artist working primarily with video and photography. Debora and Jason Bernagozzi founded Signal Culture, a residency space and curatorial program in Central New York State, which provides residencies, resources, and exhibition opportunities for artists, researchers, and innovators working in experimental media art.

The first piece into the post is called "Electronic Landscape", as Debora tells; it was not created by shooting a landscape with a video camera and processing the imagery, but by creating imagery through pure electronic signal and pushing it in ways that made it appear as a landscape.  See more;

Electronic Landscape, 2010-2011

"In the 1970s video artist Nam June Paik and engineer Shuya Abe built the Paik-Abe Raster Scanner, or wobbulator, an analog device that used audio waves from oscillators to control magnetic pulses in a wire coiled around a television tube to bend and distort a video image. This machine has no output, and artists use a video camera to record the distorted image from a screen. I pointed a camera at this screen and sent the signal to another television. I pointed a second camera at this television and generated video feedback. I controlled the feedback through manipulation of the sine waves coming out of the oscillators, adjusting the wobbulator’s control knobs, zooming in and out with the second camera, and changing the focus of the camera.

Images formed, though they resemble landscapes, are pure manipulations of electronic signals produced by oscillators. Except for the fade in and fade out, "Electronic Landscape" is a document of video processing performed in real time." - Debora Bernagozzi

Night Walk 4, 2011