10 December 2013

Undervolt & Co

Still from Dazzling Odysseys: The Electric Mind by Johnny Woods

Undervolt & Co is a new experimental video label founded by Yoshi Sodeoka, only saying this it already sounds promising, but Johnny Woods and Nicholas O’Brien joined the team as director and senior editor respectively, something like that had to happen someday and it's just here. Have a look to the website and check out how they have launched the label > there are six great titles from artists such  as Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Spectral Net (Birch Cooper, Brenna Murphy, Sabrina Ratté and Roger Tellier-Craig), Cristopher Cichocki, Jimmy Joe Roche and Yoshi Sodeoka and Johnny Woods are also part of the artist line up. Each title has different pieces or it depends how the artists have decided to do it, but you will get an average of 20 min title for $5 each! Into the post you can see one minute trailer from each title which gives you an idea about how are them, but to be honest 1 min is nothing compared to what can happen in video from 15 min to for example one hour that it's the one by Johnny, it's a great opportunity to buy and download some great video art that you won't find online as the label keeps the exclusivity of. See more;

Read more about Undervolt & Co, how it was created, aesthetics featured and more in an interview with Yoshi Sodeoka by Benoit Palop here. FAQ about  here.

Lost In Linear Valley: Jennifer Juniper Stratford

Spectral Sequences Vol. 1: Spectral Net

Liquid Static: Cristopher Cichocki

Distortion III: Yoshihide Sodeoka

Greetings From Baltimore: Jimmy Joe Roche

Dazzling Odysseys: The Electric Mind- Johnny Woods