05 November 2013

The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale

Protey Temen 

Finally last friday first November was launched a huge event on the Internet, an online art biennale called The Wrong including 30 "pavilions" and more than 300 artists. It has been created by David Quiles Guilló who previously has made other great projects such as ROJO and physical events like NOVA Festival

The 30 pavilions have been curated by different artists who have selected the participants and designed their own website to showcase the pieces, below into the post there are listed all the active pavilions so far, I recommend to take it easy, you will need more beer in your fridge for sure, there is so much great stuff presented in this online biennale using different digital formats.
I haven't finished yet to see all the works properly but I like the variety in general, also to know about new names and young artists and to see fresh and new work from people I admire. Regarding to the pavilions I like different qualities from each of them such as the curation, the design, aesthetic, presentation, the interaction and functionality with the environment, the social connection, feedback with visitors. 

The online biennale will be open till 31 December of this year, during this time it will be quite active and featuring new pavilions, don't miss anything by following all the the feedback of on its fb page here. There is also an unlimited pavilion called Homeostasis Lab which displays a selection of artwork submissions of artists and general public interested in participating in the event, another pavilions give this option too.
The Wrong has recruited several art spaces in cities around the world (listed below) as The Wrong Embassies, a temporary AFK project, where the physicalexperience of the digital biennale will take place with live performances, workshops and exhibitions. See more;

The Wrong Online Pavilions

And one day, boom: the pavilion of exploded reality! 
by Chiara Passa 

Another Post In The Wall 
by Eric Mast 

Beautiful Interfaces: The Deep in the Void 
by Miyö Van Stenis 

Beyond Folklore, Olia's Chapel 
by Helena Acosta 

Caóticamente Random 
by Johann Velit 

by Sara Ludy 

by Giselle Zatonil 

Exotic Forbidden Torrents 
by Peter Rahul 

Flesh and Structure: The Biopolitical Commons 
by Erik H Rzepka 

Homeostasis Lab 
by Julia Borger Araña & Guilherme Brandão 

by Michael Staniak 

by A.Bill Miller 

Plan 9 Channel 12 
by Yoshi Sodeoka 

Plastic yet still in-between 
by Andrew Benson 

Shadow Box 
by Rollin Leonard 

by Emilie Gervais 

Swimmingpool Pirahnas 
by Ellectra Radikal & Systaime Alias Michaël Borras
The Age of the World Picture 
by Cristina Ghetti 

The Eternal Internet Otherhood 
by Lorna Mills 

Update Status 
by emilio.jp 

Western Digital 
by Rick Silva 

Wilderness of Mirrors 
by Max Hattler 
Wonder Cabinet of the Big Electric Cat 
by Play Damage 

Young Internet Based Artists
by Anthony Antonellis

The Wrong Embassies

Transfer in Brooklyn, Smart Objects in Los Angeles, Paradise Hill in Melbourne, Mutuo in Barcelona, Plutón in Valencia, TAL in Rio de Janeiro, Espacio Tumba in Buenos Aires, Hit The Dirt in Santiago de Chile, NNM Studio in Lima, LabLT in Montevideo, Un Lugar in Quito, Áncora in Valparaiso.

The Wrong