13 November 2013

Andreas Nicolas Fischer

Here is a big update about Andreas Nicolas Fischer's work, which presents beautiful organic CGI made using several generative tools, specifically for the project into the post called Brute Forced Method he used a python script within Blender3d creating an endless series of 3d still-life compositions, which it then automatically publishes on his tumblr http://x.anf.nu.

Some of these weird viscous creatures and reflective textures remind me of the living ones created by Yoichiro Kawaguchi back in the late 80's, which were created thanks to his well known technique GROWTH Model, a model based on growth algorithm, and who has been highly inspired by sea creatures. See more;

Skynet, 2012

"Skynet is a non linear animation about a global networked consciousness. It plays with the idea how a single entity could the perceive the world – from a satellite to a microscopic view. — Full sensory awareness encompassing the entire world is rolled into one artificial organism communicating with itself in realtime."

Engineered Viral Strain, 2012 - II, 2013

Brute Force Method, 2013

"There are no efficient algorithms for many computer science problems. The simplest approach is to try all possible (or many) solutions until the desired outcome is reached. This is called Brute Force Method. I created a Python script that creates arrangements of intersecting digital sculptures in front of a “frozen” cloth simulation, similar to a traditional still life, but with no physical constraints. The HDR image texture used to create the reflections on the genometry was taken at my studio, placing the virtual setup in the real world."

Brute Force Approach [Studies], 2013

Arrangement of digital sculptures in front of a “frozen” cloth simulation.

Brute Force Approach II, 2013