20 October 2013


Still image of Andrew Benson visual for the Optimizer

MGMT has released their third album, a self-titled LP and along with two psychedelic visual projects which have been launched together, one is called "Optimizer", an immersive audio and visual experience to accompany the new album for its full 44 minute run time. It has been directed and edited by Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford by mixing the visuals produced by Andrew Benson, Chris Timms, Geoffrey Lillemon and emilio.jp. The Optimizer comes together by buying the album on iTunes.
The second visual and interactive project it's their own website whoismgmt.com whose background features a classic already distortion and melting aesthetic created by Chris Shier who has built an interactive painting website working in multiuser mode which means that everyone who is on the website will be painting together over the same canvas in real time. For this occasion Chris has put several easter eggs in your keyboard keys to change colours and aesthetic of the different strokes, also there is another one to create "G"ifs of cropped areas of the painting process.. try it! See more;

Multiuser painting website by Chris Shier

"Optimizer" directed and edited by Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford
(Below are some still images from the individual works from the different artists to create the Optimizer, courtesy MGMT)

Andrew Benson