14 August 2013

Paul Prudence

Apeiron and Cyclotone are some beautiful live A-V works created by Paul Prudence using different algorithmic strategies, check out more interesting generative pieces on his site. See more;

Apeiron [fragments], 2013
"Apeiron explores the phase transitions and shape transmutations of a set of complex nested spherical harmonic forms modulated by sound. The apeiron, central to the cosmological theory created by Anaximander in the 6th century BC, means limitless, infinite, or indefinite. Anaximander believed that infinite worlds are generated from apeiron and then are destroyed there according to the principle of genesis-decay." - Paul Prudence.

Cyclotone [intro], 2012

"Cyclotone cross-wires sound and video material to create multi-modalities using a variety of algorithmic strategies, further synergies are created by employing associative, metaphorical and perceptual bindings between the visual and sonic domains. The work takes conceptual cues from cyclotrons and particle accelerators and is inspired to commemorate the first wave of Russian cosmonauts who conquered space physically as well as the artists of the Constructivist movement who conquered space conceptually." - Paul Prudence.