29 August 2013


Some pieces made this year, emilio.jp.
The GIF above is called T/001, is a pixel based generative transition between RGB colors, it's originally displayed through tile repetition filling the whole page as you can see here. See more;

RGB Landscapes, 2013

RGB Landscapes is a GIF series containing 52 pieces featuring horizontal RGB lines which are animated horizontally creating different moire effects.

1PXW, 2013

1PXW combines web and GIF allowing the user to create a horizontal landscape formed of 1px width animated GIFs using the menu to choose between the different (15) sets and to pop up them by moving the cursor over the little black surface, where Y = changes time interval and X = keeps same time

HR URL01, 2013

HR URL01 creates an animated horizontal composition which works through vertical repetition of any image URL inserted as source then is possible to change the height of from 10px to 1px.

Random Rainbow, 2013

Random Rainbow is a collaborative piece between emilio.jp & Chris Shier made for DigitArt exhibition curated by BRIGHT at Centre Pompidou. The piece was featured through Pompidou's internal WIFI connection at Studio 13/16 during the show (June 29 - August 5), now the piece is already online at http://csh.bz/rr/, it has different behavior on mobile devices as it allows the multitouch feature, as you can see in the video below. 

ii URL02. 2013

ii URL02 works through interactive (1px height) horizontal distortion, the user can insert any image URL such as GIF, JPEG or PNG, play with and share the customized URL as the example below would be http://emilio.jp/iiurl02/?url=http://computersclub.org/draw/collection/CC_1004.png . A piece finished because of some great help from Chris Shier too.