22 August 2013

Don Slepian

Don Slepian made Sunflower Geranium in 1983 a video compilation of live performances showing different visual effects created through a custom array of specialized hardware and software to mix synthesized video imagery and original electronic music for a live audience. One of my favorite parts of Sunflower Geranium is at the end where there are several short animations working through pixel based geometric shapes, Slepian explains to Rhizome how he produced them; "is the output of one of my original CEEMAC scores in which I attempt to create texture and dimension using diffraction patterns and chroma shifting. In Apple II "Hi-Res" mode I was working with a 280px by 192px screen, 57 thousand pixels in all. A far cry from the 2.0736 million pixels we take for granted in standard 1080p video frames.
Into the post you can see these short animations as animated GIFs but I highly recommend to watch the whole piece and read an interesting interview with Don Slepian about the process of at Rhizome. See more;