03 July 2013

Susie Rosmarin

Acrylic paintings on canvas by Susie Rosmarin.
"Susie Rosmarin makes colorful, eye-popping paintings that play with repeating patterns and variations of color. The works themselves are visually stunning, attaining many of the kinetic optical-illusion effects of op-art. To Rosmarin, though, the extraordinary visual effects are secondary to the fundamental, on-canvas changes of light and color. "I never set out to do [op-art]. It was a byproduct of my process. So I had to accept it and go with it. And I did."

In the mid-90s, Rosmarin became fascinated with mathematical patterns -- how things arrive at certain sums. Because of the nature of her process, Rosmarin has to wait until the end to see how the work has come together into a unified whole, a final sum. She doesn't know exactly how it's going to look until she pulls the last piece of tape off. When talking about why she enjoys painting, Rosmarin says very matter-of-factly: "Making something happen on a piece of canvas is really satisfying."" - David Feil. See more;