06 June 2013

Jasper Elings

Damn! the work of Jasper Elings wasn't published directly here despite I'm a huge fan of him from long time ago. I'm sure you already know some of his pieces or at least have seen something while surfing the internet as Jasper's work has been highly viral. His simple but great concepts are usually based on the internet culture as you can see on the selection of pieces into the post which probably were created 2 years ago. Jasper is lately quite focused on 3D animation as I saw what he is sharing on fb but of course continuing with the same sense of humor than his previous works and animated gifs which some of them have thousand of notes, have a look to his tumblr. See more; 


Sharing a beautiful sunset

Picturebook without pictures

It was a great opening

Flashings in the mirror

Cocksuckers from Outer Space

Animated Gifs