19 April 2013

Spheres 1-20 by Sara Ludy

Last month Sara Ludy had her first solo show in New York at Klaus Gallery, where she presented a 20 min single channel video work titled "Spheres 1-20" which was projected on the gallery wall featuring a rotating fly-through of 3D-generated environments comprised of twenty episodes on a loop.
As Klaus Gallery describes the process of; these “Spheres” are rendered digitally, then projected onto colored paper in Ludy’s studio and recaptured with a digital camera. The resulting high/low-fi picture quality mediates between the virtual and the physical spaces in which the artist works. See more;

"In Spheres 1-20, ambiguous forms float in polygonal landscapes created from snippets sourced from Ludy’s wanderings of the internet, personal photos, and samples of computer-aided-drafting motifs. Taking two-dimensional screen captures and image-mapping them onto three-dimensional rotating forms, Ludy creates her Spheres as virtual architectures that refer to an amorphous and psychological space. Between each 1-minute episode of the video, abrupt cuts shift the focus to new structures while an audible synthesized drone changes pitch with each reveal, similar to the shift found between levels in video gameplay." - Klaus Gallery