25 April 2013

Nicolas Boillot

Loops of Marvel vs Capcom , 2013

Nicolas Boillot is highly inspired and uses as a main visual source several video games to create his abstract and chaotic loop animations. From the two animated pieces here in the post, the gif above "Loops of Marvel vs Capcom" and the video into the post "Geometry Wars", Nicolas Boillot extract and accumulate only the moving parts, on a loop of 25 images/frames. As he told us; he tries to gather, by this process, a selection of what our eyes undergo when we play the video games. Movements are like "a candy" for our eyes and brain, and by these accumulation, confrontation, he tries to unveil in an empirical way what game designer conceives to keep us hooked. See more;

You can see more of his mesmerizing animated loops working through gif in this previous post and check out more of his loops at this ongoing series, here.

Fighhhht !!, 2013

Geometry Wars, 2012