26 March 2013

Modulate 5.1

I'm discovering good stuff by renting some video art lately. I will post here my favorites still images or videos if they are also online. This one called Modulate 5.1 is a collection of sonic visual pieces, exploring movement, colour, shape, non-verbal expression, internal journeys and spatial awareness. A collaborative project released in 2006 between Mark Bunegar, Mark Harris, Scylla Magda, Bobby Bird and Joseph Potts. 
It is great that all the pieces from this project are online, I put all of them in order into the post, anyway they still sell the DVD by contacting with Modulate. See more;

01 wave

02 red

03 motion

04 twist

05 embroidery

06 green

07 sunblind

08 create

09 blue

10 temple garden