12 March 2013

Mesmerizing websites

Gifmelter, by Chris Shier & Tim Baker

I'm impressed about several websites I have discovered recently. They create a crazy abstract visual experience, I like the flow by interacting with them, how fast and well they work and also the chaos they generate by submitting a source. 
Into the post you can see 3 pieces, each of them created by a different artist, the first one is called Gifmelter, by Chris Shier & Tim Baker, where you can upload an animated gif and let it flow by interacting with it. I'm really looking forward to see what's next from Noisia, he has created so much good work in the last months (check out these 2 previous posts; 1, 2).
The second image into the post is from a website by David Kraftsow aka dontsave, called yooouuutuuube.com, where you can enter a Youtube video url and select three different modes such as feedback, zoetrope and mosaic, which is also awesome to see an entire video being distorted through all these modes in real time. Btw I didn't know before the work of David Kraftsow, and I didn't like only the piece I just mentioned but several of them lined up on his website, I like how he works visually but also conceptually, this is quite beautiful piece http://dontsave.com/waterfall_tracking/.
The last image is from a new work by Andrew Benson, called Radical Paintings, this piece doesn't take external imagery source, but I love it as I do with the visual work by Andrew working through video, it's great to interact with his acid visuals finally on the web! See more;

by Chris Shier, gif.js by Tim Baker

by David Kraftsow

Radical Paintings
by Andrew Benson