20 March 2013

Kite & Laslett

Kite & Laslett is the artist duo formed by Sebastian Kite and Will Laslett, trained in architecture, sound and music, specialise in producing architectural interventions in the form of interactive installations. Their cross-disciplinary projects fuse sound, light, film, performance and sculptural elements to construct immersive experiential environments that challenge human perceptions of space. See more;

ORBIT, 2012

5x custom built 400mw laser motorised armatures, custom software - audio/light triggering 2.5m (D) circular canvas

PANOPTIC, 2009-2012

It was created for platform79 - the berlin project Kite & Laslett produced two artistic interventions. The first, Panoptic, is a physical mobile-installation situated in Courtyard IV of the former Kantstraße Women’s Prison, exploring visual space. In contrast, Klangzelle, a sound installation, examines solely aural space and the acoustic energy of the prison interior. The two works stand in relative juxtaposition to one another, both architecturally and in conception.