20 March 2013

Canopy by Rick Silva

Rick Silva has created a new work which was presented last week at Domain Gallery. It's a beautiful loop piece working through a downloadable application made with Unity 3D, you can download it into the post or at the same gallery which will run the work until next April 15, 2013. 
The work is called "Canopy" and is the first work Rick made after recently moving to Oregon. It’s inspired by his new surroundings. Canopy presents a natural digitalized environment created by 4 trees which surround the viewer, these trees spin all together around the viewer who is the central axis, creating a centered and circular composition because of the passing of themselves. 
I also like the format where this loop piece is presented, I usually like loop pieces which starts and finishes with the same thing/visual/frame, I mean continuously, without cuts on the visual. But as this piece has been programmed, it starts in one way and then it loops itself as it was a continuos loop, this is something we can't get with formats such as video or animated gif because of the lenght and weight of the file. See more;

Download here (Mac & Pc, it goes all together into the same zip)