29 March 2013

Borna Sammak

"Borna Sammak collects and manipulates videos primarily by deleting colors of the composition that don’t relate to him as much as others that do. This is why most of Borna’s videos are so recognizable, his color palette is unique to his taste—the same taste that guides him through the web or influences any choice for that matter. The deconstructed images weave in and out of one another so that there is no longer an image above nor an image below but instead a sort of hermetic structure flowing within itself. Flowing but at the same time not entirely changing any more than an eye follows the compostion of a static image.
Borna’s main inspiration however isn’t the shit content he finds online. Instead he is inspired mostly by camouflage—which is evident in the patterns he constructs—a pattern, as a native Philadelphian, he first encountered on cargo shorts." - Jasmin Tsou at Vox Populi Gallery. See more;

Gray Water, 2013

Untitled Video Painting 07, 2009

Untitled Video Painting 05, 2009

Untitled Video Painting 02, 2009