02 February 2013

Salvatore Raimondo

Interesting works by Salvatore Raimondo, who plays with natural environments and the passage of time to obtain different natural and organic textures onto marble surfaces. See more;

"The research I propose is an investigation of the disorder into the pictorial image.

I argue that the pictorial image is composed of three levels tangible: the support, the image and the disorder (noise or entropy level ), the concept revolves around these elements;
The music often makes use of the disorder, the painting has never considered a medium. The disorder is an inevitable consequence of the  practical intervention, physical level, which distorts the frequencies, in the light as in the sound.

Can be considered disorder, all that's left to the media during the act of painting, excluding the color. Or the temporal degradation of the surface and the image, which may allow the message to be misunderstood." - Salvatore Raimondo

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