05 February 2013

Rhys Coren

SPINK at  Seventeen Gallery

Rhys Coren makes beautiful geometric and gradient based video loops which specifically explores the areas where British football social culture and dance music culture overlap.

Rosie & Phil ask to Rhys in an interview at jottaYou use both analogue and digital processes in your work, can you explain this a little more?

Rhys Coren: Yes. Using popular designs from British football kits, training kits and clothing worn by fans in the late 80s and early 90s – the brightest era of acid house music and rave culture – I have generated a series of painted and animated works. The initial stages in creating the finished work is the same. An image has to be appropriated, therefore digitised. It then has to be manipulated in Photoshop and Illustrator. Often I print sections out, work on them with pen and then re-scan. The aim is to divide the works up into their specific graphic components, treating each shape individually. When I am left with a vector drawing, I can then cut these patterns into wood, and paint each section individually before gluing it all back together, like a big jigsaw puzzle. The animations, which I make using Photoshop and Final Cut, undergo a similar process, only I make lots of little animations that all get 'glued' back together. Labouring over the image's individual parts mean that, when placed back together again in either an animation or painted work, the overall image picks up a range of new textures. It's often subtle, but enough to distort or mutate the image. - See more;

Recommended to read the whole interview here.
Rhys Coren is also the co-founder of one of my favorite online galleries, bubblebyte.org

SPINK, 2011

ni, 2012

8991A, 2012


LXXXVIII at Seventeen Gallery

biancazzurri, 2012