20 February 2013

Mitch Trale

I have recently discovered the great work by Mitch Trale, which is quite mesmerizing including colored and gradient based loop animations running through .swf like the one above from atrophy.in series, and gif layered compositions like in renders.in (showing one on the bottom of the post). Mitch Trale has also created interesting virtual and interactive websites which make the user feel a perfect fusion between virtual and real environments, my favorite one is Gallant Aparatus, due the structure of the virtual space fits very well with the real structure of Yayoi Kusama's installations. See more;

Gallant Apparatus, 2010 

Three Reinstalls After Yayoi Kusama —The Internet obliterates itself by providing a surface upon which an infinite number of sites may exist as independent contextual zones. 

Analog Environments, 2009

"This piece explores the perceived divide between our online and offline experience. The Internet is a projection and reflection of what we think the world is like. Our online reality is as inextricable from our offline reality as any object in any mirror, however distorted.
We use technology to attempt a capture of true sight. The application of photography, holography, 3D geometry scanning, and VR, will inevitably flatten the dimensionality of the world. It's this apparent loss that leads us to believe that digital sight exists on a level beneath analog sight.
I believe that these two sights run parallel, and that each possesses a distinct ability to visualize the superstructure of the Internet, as well as the logics which drive our offline lives."

renders.in, 2010

"Renders explore the interpretive independence of our web browsing experience. In each piece, a small image is enlarged. The four major web browsers handle this simple request differently. The scaling is not lossy but rather gainful, as new color and dimensional data are supplied by the browser itself. I'm interested in these visualizations because they expose the habitual, textural inclinations of browser software. We view the web through these tools every day, and we become used to the personality of our vision within them."