06 February 2013

Ad Book by BFFA3AE

“Everything is a reality show. The only escape is advertising.” – Knight Landesman, from the introduction to AD BOOK 

The New York based collective BFFA3AE has created an AD BOOK which consists entirely of advertisements: for artists, galleries, publications, businesses, and anything arts related. It has 231 pages including 200 ads from emerging and established artists and institutions from New York, London, and elsewhere. The adds have been designed exclusively for this book, including also animated pieces.
"AD BOOK contributors purchased ad space based on a price determined by BFFA3AE’s own invented system of value. Each ad—like all great advertising—teeters at the edge of expression, promotion, and common sense. Taken as a whole, AD BOOK testifies to how perverse and diverse any self-respecting marketplace of ideas ought to be." See more;

BFFA3AE is; Daniel Chew, Micaela Durand, and Matt Gaffney. They formed in 2008 and their work exists on the internet and offline in the form of videos, performances, sculptures, and installations. 

Some of the Contributing Artists and Groups Include: 47 Canal, Amalia Ulman, American Medium, Billy Rennekamp, Contemporary Art Daily, DAS INSTITUT, Extreme Animals, Kim Asendorf, Light Industry, Mika Tajima, Nicolas Sassoon, Ooga Booga, Paul Slocum, Rhizome, Spectacle, Travess Smalley, Travis Hallenbeck, W.A.G.E., Pablo Braceli, Mika Tajima, Andreas Ervik, Daniel Leyva, Steven Downs LLC, Oso Press, Elizabeth Jaeger among others.

It costs only 3,99€, available for  iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can buy it here.