11 January 2013

Mo Marie

Mo Marie, a painter from USA tells us about how she has introduced her painting into digital and website;
"Having a website is a new experience for me, yes. While working toward it, I began making digital scans and photographs of my paintings and discovered that transforming my traditional paintings into digital files on the computer screen made them feel very different. To me, they feel like completely new works of art. This experience inspired me to try digital painting, and my current practice of using various brushes and styli with touch sensitive devices like iPad and iPhone grew from there." See more;

Mo Marie maintains an ongoing selection of her iPad paintings at http://momariewood.tumblr.com/ . She is also member of Phone Arts where she collaborates throught her iPhone paintings, have a look here. A general studio diary of her can be seen at http://diaryofmomarie.tumblr.com/. Mo Marie is  also part of the great collaborative collective Computers Club Drawing Society where she periodically makes beautiful drawings.

Mo Marie is continually in the process of documenting new and old traditionally made paintings for her website, where she displays them using Google Maps. If you click any of the 3 following screenshots it will open a huge photograph of a real painting (acrylic, watercolor) on a map, you can interact with the painting by exploring and zooming into it, it is a great experience, I really enjoy to appreciate such a texture!  If you click the zigzag shape under the map controls on the right it will open the original high resolution file of each painting. To see other paintings through the map option go here

iPad Paintings

iPhone Paintings

The t-shirt below is part of a new project by Mo Marie where she also uses the the computer and scanners to make clothing out of her paintings that appear in the google maps webpages on her website. The painting used for this t-shirt is called "Tropical Yokai" you can explore it here.
It is possible to buy it here.