29 January 2013

Lauren Pelc

I like the similarity between Lauren Pelc's digital paintings and real ones made with oil painting or acrylic painting. It's interesting to see how she gets similar strokes, textures, colors, gradients, forms, etc in both ways. Lauren works the digital pieces using several softwares such as Cinema 4D and Photoshop, first she works with the three-dimensional program creating 3d volumes and forms and composing them, then it is altered using Ps. As O Fluxo says; Lauren uses images of sections of her paintings as references or textures to map onto 3-D objects.  For Lauren, the goal is to create images that maintain various dualities.. That can sum it up her interest in the many ways that paint and brush strokes can be altered and remapped with the aid of digital imaging programs. See more;

Digital paintings

Oil paintings and Acrylic paintings

via | O Fluxo