07 January 2013

Larry Bell

These works in paper by Larry Bell were made between 2007 and 2010, as Angel Chen says at artsland; technically these are collages, works on paper utilizing laminated layers compressed with a ping-pong table size heat press that vaporizes all sandwiched materials inside into a shiny flattened panel. The result? It is not a flat picture, nor is it a flattened sculpture, but it is a triumph of the favorite trick of all 2-D artists, to make appear the illusion of the third dimension. See more;

"Part sci-fi experiment, part modern physics, and pure joy, these works on paper curl, swell, and swirl with texture, depth, volume, luminosity and the quality of time. The vertical panes of vacuum deposited thin films of silicon monoxide interfere with the light similar to a quartz prism. This interference results in the phenomenon we experience as color. Eerie futuristic mirages appear as if doorways to the other side. Somehow the pieces evoke mirror images as if silently telepathically speaking directly to the viewer a hidden message, rippling in the iridescent multicolored metallurgy." - Angel Chen.

Images courtesy Frank Lloyd Gallery_

The video below doesn't talk about the work featured here but about Larry Bell's early works, interesting.

via | Nick Faust