31 January 2013

Cloaque's 1st Anniversary!

Today is the first anniversary of Cloaque.org, one of the greatest collaborative projects started one year ago by Carlos Sáez and Claudia Maté. Along this time many artists have collaborated to continue the endless column formed by an amount of different kind of works such as collage, painting, digital installations and sculptures, animated gifs, interactive pieces.. Just have a look and scroll down if you don't know it yet.

For this occasion Carlos and Claudia have curated a collaborative video following the same way as they do in Cloaque. A group of artists created a short video and then they were joined each-other through several transitions. See the video into the post;

The video shows works by: Chris Timms (00:00 - 00:30), Rollin Leonard (00:30 - 00:42), Jasper Elings (00:59 - 01:29), Anthony Antonellis (01:37 - 02:04) emilio.jp (02:04 - 03:15), Claudia Maté (03:15 - 04:00). Transitions were made by Carlos Sáez + Dmntia and the music by Yoshi Sodeoka.