04 January 2013

Andrew Rutherdale

Andrew Rutherdale_
"Much has been made of the networked nature of media in the context of post-internet art. The production, presentation and dissemination of the art-object are undertaking a radical shift mirroring similar shifts in technology and communication. Artists are harnessing the creative possibilities offered by emergent technologies that play a vital role in shaping social relations in a global hyper-networked era. It is appropriate that within the technologies themselves there is a complex network of relations. At present these relations are synthesized in the general-purpose computer. The mobility of the laptop and the emergence of portable devices with central and graphical processing units increase the potential for synthesized technology. It is these conditions that lead artists to produce networked art-objects that conjoin media and are presented and disseminated through a number of different platforms. The networked art-object inhabits a multiplicity of forms." - Andrew Rutherdale.  See more;

"The Breathers addresses the idea of the body without organs: the undifferentiated, primordial state that underlies reality. A self-organizing structure free from stratification, the body without organs is analogous to the network. The Breathers present structures that are not fully formed or defined, but are in the process of becoming." - Andrew Rutherdale.

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from The Breathers series