14 December 2012

Syn chron by Alba Prat

"Syn chron" is a beautiful collection designed by Alba Prat, a recent graduated in fashion design at the Universität der Künste, Berlin.

"The title of the collection Syn chron derives from synchronization, a common feature of the works of the German artist Carsten Nicolai. My collection is inspired by them. Known for his aesthetics of precision, his work lies at the intersection of art and science. He unites both fields together in form of sculpture, light and sound installations creating a minimal, cold and technical atmosphere.

My approach to Carsten Nicolai is through his visualizations of sound phenomena. The questioning of what is heard and what is seen is a recurring subject in his art. It is a play between the visible and the invisible where scientific methods of measurements of the laboratory are turned into visual interpretations. His works are explorations of the organizational principles found in nature. It is a world in which even the largest conceivable amount of chaos is subject to order." - Alba Prat. See more;

"Clothes are a barrier between the body and the environment, a layer that protects and covers the body. In order to make this layer more transparent, I have exposed something personal and natural from my inside. I have recorded my heartbeat in two different situations and used special software to visualize it in distinctive abstract forms, which are the basis of my prints. These define the two moods of my collection. One is more elegant and calm and the other is rather sportive and bright. The recording for the first print took place in a quiet situation. Through the graphic representation of its spectrogram I created the luminous digital print. For the other, I recorded my heartbeat directly after doing exercise. The transformation of the audio file into bits, the most basic digital data, is used to create the jacquard pattern." - Alba Prat.

Credits: Photgraphy by Alexandra Waespi - Hair & Make-up Tatjana Kühr, Model: Rosalie (Izaio)

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