19 December 2012

Jeongmoon Choi

"Jeongmoon Choi works with thread and traces this three-dimensional line directly into volume to create illusions of perspective. The thread is coloured and used to outline or redefine the architecture of the spaces the artist invests. Drawing directly into space with her hand, the artist addresses questions about our environment, as well as about aspects of lodging and the role of nature in our urban spaces.." - Galerie Laurent Mueller. See more;

"The drawings become project or even projection of an imaginary construction that takes form in its environment starting from a line, a thread, which represents the chronological decisions of a progression in space. The transition from a plane to a volume is just as important as the comparison between interior space for living and exterior space for living." - Galerie Laurent Mueller

Labyrinth - Nulla Dies Sine Linea, 2010 - Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris

Room in room, 2011 - “RAPID RABBIT" at Frise Künstlerhaus, Hamburg

Drawing in Space, 2011 - Art Salon, Ptuj, Slovenia

Construction, 2011 - “AMARCORD” at Gallery Fellini, Berlin

How to build a house, 2010 - MMX Open Art Venue, Berlin

Labyrinth, 2009 - Galerei Weisser Elefant - Refugium, Berlin