04 December 2012

Idle Screenings

Ambient Hallway, 2012 by Stephanie Davidson

Idle Screenings is a project created by Mitch Trale and Jacob Broms Engblom, it was launched in March of this year as a one week exhibition, featuring the five most downloaded movies on the web, available in three formats: Screensaver, GIF blog, and PowerPoint, check it out here.
"During its initial weeklong run, Idle Screenings investigated the shift in the perceptual value of mass-market content once it has become ubiquitously shared online. Today, it streams video and image art to thousands of desktops daily, through the use of custom screensaver software. The exhibition explores value within an attention economy by beaming original works into empty rooms at the expense of other resources, such as energy, bandwidth, and time."

Idle Screenings has presented three different pieces since it started to show original works last first of November 2012 featuring "Difusse" by Jasper Spicero. Two weeks later it showed the colorful "Ambient Hallway" by Stephanie Davidson, and today is featuring the work called "Solitary House" by Jonas Holmer. I was lucky to see the previous works while showing them because I haven't found those works online so far. To not miss the ongoing and upcoming exhibitions go to Idlescreenings.com download the screensaver and launch it, there you also can check the upcoming shows. See more;

Or just download it here:
Mac OSX 10.4+ - Windows

Diffuse by Jasper Spicero 
Exhibited at Idle Screenings during Nov 01, 2012 - Nov 15, 2012

Solitary House by Jonas Holmer 
Exhibited at Idle Screenings during Dec 01, 2012 → Dec 15, 2012