05 December 2012

Brush It In

Intersecting Values of Hue and Brightness, 2012 by Joshua Citarella

Brush It In, a group exhibition at Flowers Gallery, curated by  Lorenzo Durantini, including works by Joshua Citarella, Fleur van Dodewaard, Christiane Feser, Darren Harvey-Regan, Antonio Marguet and Anne de Vries.

"Brush it in is a colloquial expression for a wide variety of alterations made to digital photographs after their creation. The transition from analogue to digital post-production yielded an incredible expansion of existing techniques. Adobe Photoshop was originally developed as a digital emulation of the physical techniques of the darkroom. It quickly developed its own specific vocabulary and it is precisely this language that Brush it in engages with. As digital image making became ubiquitous within popular culture so did the awareness that these digital tools often had more power for deception than the photographic act itself." - Flowers Gallery. See more;

"Brush it in also alludes to the digital impossibility of encountering objects within the image saturated landscape of contemporary culture. The inevitable disappointment of mass-produced commodities has created a sort of haptic half-life where the image produces more pleasure than the object itself. Darren Har vey-Regan engages directly with this struggle in The Halt (2011), where an axe confronts and attacks its very representation with a violently iconoclastic gesture. Similarly in Relation (2011), an image of a saw is bisected by a vertical cut in the print that mimics the tool’s physical potential. In Grounds of Doubt (2011), a rock obstinately resists the flatness of the photographic print, peeling away from the otherwise flawless surface." - Flowers Gallery

There is also a publication about the exhibition which you can buy here.

Brush It In at Flowers Gallery
26 October 2012 - 05 January 2013

Steps of Recursion, 2011 by Anned de Vries

More or Less Obvious Forms, 2012 by Darren Harvey-Regan

Study for a Black Nude, 2011 by Fleur van Dodewaard

Konstrukt 23, 2011 by Christiane Feser

CAVE2CAVE_MG_0500.jpg by Anned de Vries

231,639,853, 2012 by Joshua Citarella

Exhibition view