02 November 2012


YATTA! by MAADONNA consists in a simple website app which emotify the images the user drag and drop into the page, after loading the image the user can choose between 20 different sets of emoticons including those ones from Gmail, Emoji, Skype.. some video game sprites such as Super Mario, Final Fantasy.. and even some personalized sets such as 3bit blinking palette, bubbles, elevator, master hue, multi screen and stars. The website supports the transparency from the PNGs, allowing the user plays with the shapes of the images in many different ways. Try it with your portrait or any image you found on your desktop or on the internet. See more;

Another recent works by MAADONNA are the own startpage a website for birdog.es and a page to help US citizens to decide who to choose for the Election 2012.

Below some results from YATTA! click on the image to see them animated.