15 November 2012

Pim Leenen

Compared with the existence of space or matter, the existence of time is always something fragile, something paradoxical, as though it is not quite real. Pim Leenen describes; "my work is often a study of photographic reality and plays with the concept of time. I am fascinated by the wreck or even origin of life. Major scientific issues are sources of inspiration for the creation of my work." See more;

"I believe there is a secret life hidden behind materials or situations that at first glance seem self-evident. I am constantly looking for materials that can tell more than they intended. By taking materials from their original context and bringing them into a new context, transformations of function and meaning are created. By creating these transformations myself and then capture them photographically as real, a kind of absurd dream world reveals which is still very recognizable." - Pim Leenen

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