14 November 2012


"Particles is an installation created by Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi, which is able to create a visionary beautiful dots pattern of blinking innumerable illuminations floating in all directions on the air. The number of balls with a built-in LED, pass through one after another on the rail "8-spiral shape." We see this phenomenon like "the light particle float around" because the balls radiate in various timing.

The position of each ball is determined via total of 17 control points on the rail. Every time a ball passes through one of them, the respective ball's positional information is transmitted via a built-in infrared sensor. During the time the ball travels between one control points to the next, this position is calculated based on its average speed. The data for regulating the balls' luminescence are divided by the control point segments and are switched every time a ball passes on a control point." See more;

"The audiences can select a shape from several patterns floating in aerial space using an interface of the display. The activation of the virtual balls on the screen are determined by the timing which a ball moving on the rail passes through a certain check point on the rail and the speed which is calculated by using average speed values. The sound is generated from the ball positions and the information of LED flash pattern and is played through 8ch speakers." 

Planning and software development: Daito Manabe [JP] (4nchor5 La6,Rhizomatiks) - System design and hardware development: Motoi Ishibashi [JP] (4nchor5 La6, Rhizomatiks, DGN) - Rail structure design and production: Seiichi Saito [JP] (Rhizomatiks) and Youichi Sakamoto(Rhizomatiks) - Ball design and development: Tomoaki Yanagisawa [JP] (4nchor5 La6) - Lift structure design and production: Yukio Akiba [JP] (Gadget) - Graphic design: Hiroyasu Kimura(Rhizomatiks) and Megumi Shima [JP] (Rhizomatiks) - Document video filming and editing: Muryo Homma [JP] (Rhizomatiks) - Planning support: Ichiro Kojima [JP] (Rhizomatiks) - Onsite support: Kanta Horio [JP] (4nchor5 La6) - Production support: Kensuke Fujishiro [JP] (Rhizomatiks)

In the followng video you can see the instalation exhibited at YCAM.