01 November 2012

Capture by Satoru Higa

Capture is a sound based application created by Satoru Higa. I like how simple and beautiful is and how chaotic it can be, sonorously and visually. It works on the own desktop, making the transparent windows use whatever visual data source from the desktop by transforming it to sound. The colour and the position of the colours below decides the pitch, tone and tempo. You can create as many compositions as you want by moving the windows or moving the content below of them. I really enjoyed to see on the video (below) when Satoru tries it over the a webpage and he scrolls down Google's search while the windows are fixed. It made me think to try it over other art based websites and videos to know how they sound, but the application is not downloadable so far. See more;

As Creative Applications says; "Some time ago Zach Lieberman posted code on the oF forums which allows you to show the pixels directly below the openFrameworks app window in a texture. This little app Satoru Higa uses the same method to create a music sequencer." 

To see more experiments by Satoru, see his GitHub.