24 October 2012

The Sound of the earth by Yuri Suzuki

"The Sound of the Earth is a content of Yuri Suzuki`s spherical record project, the grooves representing the outlines of the geographic land mass. Each country on the disc is engraved with a different sound, as the needle passes over it plays field recordings collected by Yuri Suzuki from around the world over the course of four years; traditional folk music, national anthems, popular music and spoken word broadcasts." - See more;

"When the needle moves along its metal arc it plays sounds from the grooves cut into the sphere, much like a traditional vinyl record player. Suzuki has been working on The Sound of the Earth since 2009 and has now unveiled a prototype, although the design doesn’t work perfectly yet – as the movie below shows, the music skips as the globe turns." - Dezeen

An aural journey around the world in 30 minutes.

Photos by Hitomi Kai Yoda
Video by Alice Masters

via | Co.Design & Dezeen