26 October 2012

Interconnected by Sabrina Ratté

"Interconnected" is the title for a new beautiful work by Sabrina Ratté who has collaborated this time with the electronic musician Steve Hauschildt whose new album "Sequitur" will be launched next November via Kranky.  

As Sabrina told us, the images are originally video feedback refilmed and then transformed digitally to make that diamond effect, she was looking for a digital look reminiscent of the late 80s early 90s for this particular video. 
"Steve's music has this beautiful and honest emotion to it and I tried to translate it the best I could through the choice of colours and slow movements. The title was also very inspiring to me, "Interconnected". It has a mathematical aspect to it, like the geometry of the images, as well as it can be seen in a spiritual way" Sabrina Ratté. See more;