12 October 2012

Eidolons by Chris Fraser

Chris Fraser continues his great work on light based installations, this time through artificial light. This project called "Eidolons" exhibited at Highlight Gallery until next October 29 shows interesting gelatin silver prints of floodlight bulbs and their halations. 
In “Eidolon, Sylvania 120PAR/CAP/SPL/FL30, 2012,” an almost imperceptible hole pierces one wall of a darkened room. From it projects the image of a light bulb, caught midair on a translucent screen.
The silver gelatin prints – “Philips 45PAR38/HAL/FL/LL” “Philips 75PAR30L/HAL/SP/LL” and “GE 75PAR30L/H/SP10” – are direct light recordings that document the projected images of three distinct floodlights. See more;

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Sylvania 120PAR/CAP/SPL/FL30

Gelatin silver prints_

 Philips 45PAR38/HAL/FL/LL

Sylvania 120PAR/CAP/SPL/FL30

Philips 75PAR30L/HAL/SP/LL