02 October 2012


I like the "study" dvdp has done in his latest GIF "120930", featured 2 days ago in his well known tumblr http://dvdp.tumblr.com/. It is an animated study from the same object using an undulating (wave) effect movement, which usually it's a predeterminate tool on 3D programs, or at least it's what I think because in 3D softwares it is possible to arrive to the same or similar (animated) result through several ways. But this one is quite familiar. The same object has been affected by this sensual movement following a progressive enlargement of the curve along the x axis, from bottom to top. The piece itself speaks about the tool used and some of its properties through an abstract animated composition, it is more than just an animated object and a visual effect.
dvdp has already used this movement in some of his previous pieces, but what I also like from this GIF project he started few years ago it is how he plays and works with different factors such as movement, texture, object, animation, rhythm, presentation.. which always give a mesmerizing result.