17 October 2012

Action Painting by Jeremy Rotsztain

Action Painting, 2008-2011 by Jeremy Rotsztain_
"Action Painting is a series of still and animated digital paintings composed using cinematic gestures from Hollywood action flicks. The series uses moving visual elements from popular action films — explosions (from Armageddon and Independence Day), fistfights (from Fight Club and Rocky), car chases (from Bullit and Bourne Identity), and gun shots (from Rambo and Terminator 2) — as compositional material to create works in the style of abstract expressionist painters such as Jackson Pollock.

Action Painting brings together the adrenalin-filled culture of action cinema and the formalist canon of modernist painting. It is a line of inquiry into spontaneity and self-expression that contrasts user-generated web 2.0 culture against the work of the genius craftsman — and action as a form of expression versus pure spectacle." - Jeremy Rotsztain. See more;

"As action occurs in the original film, abstract forms move across a high-definition screen like paint flung onto a canvas, creating an animated composition. Action Painting is an example of an aesthetic digital image-making process where the material used in the production of the image provides additional layers of meaning. All of the source material was collected from Internet top 10 lists — top 10 explosions, movie fights, car chases, gun fights." - Jeremy Rotsztain.

Really interesting to see where is the painting coming from, see the process in the next video.