27 September 2012

SAILOR by Norman Leto

Sailor is a film project made by Norman Leto in 2010. This is a great opportunity to watch the whole movie online, which is a 100 minute love story between a neurotic, high-school physics tutor and his girlfriend, Nel. The movie consists about the scientific approach from every day situations. It also shows really interesting parts such as his egocentricity and illustrated lectures on various sociological issues.
In the film you will find "Lifeshape" a sequence from Sailor which was published separately here while ago. The movie is based on the book titled the same "Sailor", written also by Norman Leto.  See the whole movie into the post!;

Sailor was created independently by the author, without any external production company. The budget was below $10.000. This movie will be only for a limited time on Youtube.
Norman Leto is currently working on a new project/movie called "Photon", which will have an international distribution on Bluray and DVD. More info about here.