12 September 2012


I'm a huge fan of Chris Shier aka noisia's mesmerizing moire based GIF series which usually are created using several layers/GIFs to create an unique piece, by overlaying them and playing with the transparency, just have a look to some great works he made for ANI-GIF,  dump.fm/irl/ or  Virtual Art Fair, more in his website
While ago noisia's minimal style and geometrical forms went into website, creating some addictive interactive animations. Actually he just did a big update in his website featuring 21 new canvases! All these new works are made using HTML5, open source. noisia told us he didn't use any external javascript, frameworks or libraries. All the canvases are listed in his website, just go and play, in the menu, those ones with the empty bullets are for interactive and filled bullets for clickable. I also was impressed about how the interactive ones flow through the iPhone, must see it! Below are some stills from some canvases, click them to see the website. See more;