15 September 2012

Mary Weatherford

"Mary Weatherford's work for nearly a decade has been an ongoing exploration of specific California landscapes as source material for her paintings. Subjects have included cliffs in Malibu, a sea cave on Pismo Beach, and a vine cluster near the artist's studio. Using such sites as a means for repeated examination allows her to fully explore these distinctively "California" locales through an ongoing series of paintings and drawings detailing their transformation and complimenting Weatherford's concern with form, space and color.

For her new exhibition called "Manhattan" taking place at Brennan & Griffin through next October 14, 2012, Weatherford focuses her attention on New York - where she lived from 1984 - 1999. Drawing on memory and experience of sites both personally and culturally significant, these large-scale paintings explore the indelible impressions left by the city. Weatherford continues her interest in combining a range of sources to create works that explore the fidelity and vibrancy of recollection." - Brennan & Griffin. See more;