22 August 2012

Zooms From Nowhere by Chris Timms

Zooms From Nowhere (Ecology Visions v~0.1) by Chris Timms is part of an ongoing engagement exploring experiential relationships with virtual content streams. Specifically live data and image feeds which accumulate beyond individual narratives into ambient meta-streams. This generation of a visual ambience 'points us to the here and now, in a compelling way that goes beyond explicit content' [1]. This going beyond the explicit is the liminal stage of restructuring ones framework of orientation. As ambience blurs the definition between background and foreground, of the explicit here and now as opposed to what is not here and now, it provokes a spatial sense of nowhere and everywhere at the same time. [1] The Ecological Thought, Timothy Morton, 2010. See more

"Zooms From Nowhere" was included recently as part of a collaborative piece by Chris Timms at Cloaque.org called Ecology Portal, see here.

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