29 August 2012

O FLUXO ISSUE#01 – Circulating Forms of Reality

Our friends from O Fluxo have finally launched today their first collectible printed publication. It's called O FLUXO ISSUE#01 – Circulating Forms of Reality, consisting in 142 pages full of exclusive content, interviews, and special features of artists and collectives here in Triangulation Blog we really admire, such as Phone Arts who are presenting their first ever printed pieces. Also there are some in-depth conversations, essays, an amazing zine-styled section with more than 50 pages of exclusive masterpieces from some of O Fluxo favorite international artists, and much more.
So I interviewed O Fluxo in order to know more about this exciting new project which is strictly limited to 200 copies and is now available to purchase here (into this post) and in O Fluxo website. Must have a copy of this!!. See more;

Could you tell us a bit more about O Fluxo (online) and when and how did it start? 
The project O Fluxo started about a year ago by a pair of members with different professional backgrounds and interests: André Moreira, a fashion designer and me, (Nuno Patrício), graphic designer. Back then, we felt a strong impulse to start something that could contribute somehow to the improvement of the Portuguese visual sensibility. Over time, we involuntarily have been attracting new audiences, especially a huge amount of foreign public, so we had to implement a bilingual format in order to be righteous to everyone and still without losing the initial purpose. In some way, we ended up developing this ever-changing-online-space format, which has quite rapidly established a sort of an examination on different creative perspectives and how they affect the visual culture in general.

Since I know ofluxo.net I saw your are really focused on new media art, including digital and net art but you also take a major relevance to contemporary graphic design and printed based projects and artist working on this area, was this the reason you have worked on a printed publication or how did you decide to create it?
Whether it is online or in physical publications, we really don't want to focus on just one, two or three formulas, we only intend to portray what is happening in all the contemporary sphere. Perhaps that's the reason why this first publication is titled 'Circulating Forms of Reality', it fosters a good portion of the current creative semantic field. Based in this principle, we can assume that Ofluxo further blurs the boundaries between the physical and the virtual atlases, so why not immortalize that principle in a printed publication? Besides, publications can take advantage on any other media, they represent material determination, people can keep them and treat them as personal objects, and if we start mixing concepts, we'll approach target groups more widely.

Can you introduce us to this O Fluxo Issue#1, Circulating Forms of Reality? 
O Fluxo Issue#01- Circulating Forms of Reality works as a crossover publication between new media art and graphic design, virtual and physical, digital and analogue. A collaborative effort set up to question and explore a multiface concept around several different fields of creative creation and research embracing both its visual and theoretical aspects. 

I'm very proud to be part of the curatorial section of this first issue called Postrender, by including some of my favorite artists working on the installation form into digital and virtual environments, can you tell us what else is inside of this first number, such as interviews, articles?  
O Fluxo Issue#01 also includes a huge range of different articles and exclusive content. It is subdivided in five major sections, in which we present some of our favorite internet-related projects featuring some extensive interviews, visual essays, research, adaptations, an amazing zine-styled section, a very special feature which documents the first ever printed material from the Phone Arts contributors, and much more!

Which is the relation between the online and the physical publication? 
There are always some equivalences between all kinds of media. At some point, everyone who is involved with an online platform feels the necessity to extend the online concept into a tangible form. We felt that desire too! Starting with the basic idea that the publication would reflect the nature of the online content, it worked out as a reasonable practice to reunite some of our favorite creatives in a single project.

Is it a periodical publication? I mean how many issues are you going to publish per year? Are you going to keep that reduced and exclusive number (200) of publications always?  
We intend to publish irregularly, whenever we feel like it. Although, we'll try to keep the biannual periodicity parenthetical as possible. And yes, we want to stay true to the limited edition concept, in some way, it increases the emotional and the pecuniary value of the object.

I'm very impressed about this printed project of O Fluxo, it's great to have such a publication on my hands, I was wondering how long it takes to do a publication like this. I also would like to know more about the editors, Nuno Patricio and Andre Moreira, there is a stunning design and editorial work on it!  
Thanks! Well, as I mentioned here before, we have very different backgrounds and interests, but they complement with each other pretty well to be honest, and that aspect definitely influenced the decision of creating something together, something that could improve our disciplinary differences and knowledge. With this first publication, our aim was to make a physical territory for contemporary reflections and experimentations in a very magazine-styled-behaviour, with interviews, sections, all the editorial structure that a first edition should represent. With the future editions we are planning to create something that would combine density, simplicity and a certain lack of editorial hierarchy, basically like all that free-stylers do, but always without losing our sense of continuity. Either way, we are talking about a self-initiated project, composed entirely with collaborations upon our invitation, so it takes a lot of time to manage and prepare everything, and of course, lots of love and determination must be put into it. 

Can you tell us more about the material/paper, dimensions..? 
The main concern was to create something easily transportable, so we choose to make the publication with 20x25cm, a medium format, not to big, not to small, just a pleasant handle dimension, and also to use an extremely lightweight paper stock like recycled paper, and because it is in offset printing, the paper helped to improve the ink absorption, ending up with a great range of delightful colors. In sum, we couldn't be more happier with the final result!

Are you going to book a number from each publication to Triangulation, right :)? 
haha Sure! Triangulation Blog had always influenced us somehow, and we always walked through a similar path. Besides, we believe that exchange it's something extremely necessary in order to ensure a continuous complex web of creative relations.

First Issue Contributors include:
Alex Gibson, Alexander Lis, Andreas Banderas, Andreas Ervik, Anthony Antonellis, Antoine Aillot, Barnie Page, Barriobajero, Bonjour Jean-Jacques, Brain Metcalf, Chris Seddon, Christian Oldham, Daniel Littlewood, emilio.jp, Guillaume Hugon, Hanna Terese Nilsson, IMG Masters, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jennifer Chan, Jeremiah Johnson, Jesse Hulcher, Joel Evey, Killian Loddo, Manuel Bürger, Marcel Kaczmarek, Marlie Mul, Marvin de Deus, Mathias Ringgenberg, Michael Manning, Nic Willson, Rasmus Svensson, Rustan Söderling, Sterling Crispin, Ted Galperin, Tim Heiler, Travess Smalley, and Travis Stearns.