03 August 2012

Hugo Scibetta

Great minimalist works from Hugo Scibetta, a young student in the Art School of Grenoble, France. His practice is focused on drawing and installation, usually materializing or giving form to his drawings as real sculptures or installations. As he says; "I build my work between the object’s plasticity and the dematerialization of information. This results in installations where the object (s) used in their elaboration (laptop, projector, original image, etc..) stays visible and is part of the final work. The virtual and how it can exist in a physical space is at the center of my art." See more;

Some drawings below, you will find more here and in his profile at Computer Club Drawing Society.

Hugo Scibetta made recently a piece for cloaque.org. See the whole piece here_

Installation and printed works_

Untitled (drawing of) is like an attempt to put into volume, to give the computer a sculptural quality by placing a plinth in the exhibition space. The projecting of a texture usually used in noble classical sculptures, questions the general idea of sculpture, and its relation to the virtual. The computer as a central piece of this installation asserts itself here as a physical revaluation of the digital medium.