21 August 2012

GIF 3D gallery by Akihiko Taniguchi

Akihiko Taniguchi made an interesting GIF based project called GIF 3D Gallery, it consists in a interactive tridimensional space/white room with a pedestal simulating a physical room of a gallery where the user can upload an animated GIF through an url and contemplate it exhibited over that pedestal. The user also can interact with the view and perspective into the room through the mouse movement. It only accepts GIF files, it is nice as this kind of file allows transparency and makes to fit better the animated object or whatever over the pedestal, interact with the example above here or just put your own GIF. See more;

Maybe the GIF 3D Gallery reminds you of another projects like the great one by Anthony Antonellis called http://www.putitonapedestal.com/ , and yes, Akihiko Taniguchi told us he was inspired to create it by that work and other virtual spaces and references such as Print Fictionhttp://barmecidalprojects.com/ or http://chrystalgallery.info/.

The first screenshots below is the easy way to upload your GIF and to view it into the gallery. The following images show different examples from found gifs except the first one which it's also from Akihiko.